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This Documentary made by Magnolia Pictures talks about credit repair and the American style of debt

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Trailer for Maxed out Movie

According to the producers of the documentary film 'Maxed Out', the credit crisis today stands at epidemic proportions. The crisis is a genuine threat to our nations economic security.

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Part 1
You are urged to view each excerpt to the left.. According to the producers, the true nature of these deceptive, predatory and often ruthless tactics employed by many credit card companies are exposed in these excerpts. Watch this documentary film 'Maxed Out' and determine if what you see shocks or amazes you.

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Part 2
You can protect yourself, now and in the future by adapting some common practices:
   * Educate Yourself
  Read everything very carefully before accepting any credit offers, focus on information about the terms, conditions, and fees. Ask Questions - large or small. Don't wait for the surprises that may come later

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Part 3
* Be Aware
  Monitor your credit usage and history regularly. You are entitled to a free annual credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union annually @ www.annualcreditreport.com You can choose to get the report from all 3 bureaus at once or one from each bureau every 4 months.
Never give out any personal information over the phone, internet or to whom you did not initiate the contact.

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Part 4
* Restraint
When accepting any offer of credit, use it wisely and responsibly, staying within your means; be sure you are able to make your payments and on time without straining the budget or making it impossible to meet your other essential needs.

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Part 7
Part 8

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Part 9
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