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.NEW protections for Renters!

A new law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama provides protections for tenants whose landlords fall into foreclosure. Under the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, tenants have the right to stay in their homes after foreclosure for 90 days or through the term of their lease. The bill also provides similar protections to housing voucher holders. The protections go into effect immediately and expire at the end of 2012.

Renters - If you’ve received an eviction or auction notice:

  • Call the Sheriff’s Department in your area. Find out how long the foreclosure process takes. Is it 60 days or 90 days? Then you'll have a timeline to work with and time to prepare for the worst-case scenario.
  • Learn the Arizona laws for tenants at http://www.hud.gov/local/az/renting/tenantrights.cfm.
  • The lender's name or its lawyer will be on the eviction notice. Contact either one to let them know you're in the property. Find out what your options are. Will the lender let you sign a new lease or is the bank offering some cash assistance for moving out? Don't let the lender bully you into moving out sooner than stated by law.
  • If you're nervous negotiating with the lender on your own, contact a local nonprofit housing counseling agency for help.
  • You may also want to contact an attorney.
    Southern Arizona Legaal Aid - http://www.sazlegalaid.org/
    AZLawHelp - http://www.azlawhelp.org/
    Free Legal Aid Arizona - http://www.usattorneylegalservices.com/free-legal-aid-Arizona.html


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